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Case Studies

Ticketless Parking Australia

The Lane Cove Council Market Square parking lot in Australia was one of the first to adopt a ticketless parking system powered by HTS LPR. The system enables drivers to be identified and billed according to their license plates alone, thereby nullifying the use of paper parking tickets and creating a greener and friendlier environment. It is the next evolution of parking, from a generation relying on paper, to a paperless society.

US Mexican Border

US Mexican Border

The US Mexican Border in the State of Arizona is a busy border crossing point with intensive traffic of commercial vehicles crossing from Mexico to the US. The US applies strict control mechanisms that includes a complex process of identification. This process is run by officials that stop each vehicle and check its documents and permits. An immediate consequence is time lost on account of checking and searching vehicles. Obviously security considerations are paramount here.

Hong Kong Municipal Parking Adopts HTS LPR

The challenge posed was efficiently managing dense city parking in Hong Kong and effectively controlling municipal parking revenues from one location.

Sutton Place Hotel Vancouver

Vancouver’s Sutton Place Hotel Goes with Gate-Free Parking for Efficient Entry and Exit

The gate-free ticketless parking system reduces ongoing costs, promotes greater staff efficiency, and represents a convenience for Hotel employees and customers alike.

Tel Aviv Municipal Corporation

Smart City Wide Parking Management for the Benefit of Urban Residents. Tel Aviv, as most major cities, suffers from a lack of parking spaces, both residential and commercial, for its residents as well as those who commute to work in the city each day. This situation has caused much annoyance to all and had become a major municipal issue.