With global offices and customers
in over 40 countries
HTS is a leader in Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
and Computer vision technology

Values and Vision

Our vision is to set standards and be the world’s leader in image based recognition systems delivering value added data for the parking, transportation, logistic, automation and security markets


Our Values


Product and Technology Leadership – We set the standards through the creation of markets and innovative products that provide value for our customers, through a commitment to quality at all levels of the company.


The Customer is our Partner – Our customer is our primary asset and central to our business, as such we work with our customers as business partners to create mutual benefit and value. We treat our customers with care and respect and through a deep sense of service and commitment.


Going the Extra Mile – We are eager for our customer’s business. We act with flexibility and passion to do things right and to exceed our customers’ expectations.


Integrity – We maintain ethical, fair and mutually beneficial relationships with and between employees, management, customers and suppliers. We offer reliable products and undertake commitments that we can deliver. We are committed to openness and trust in all relationships.


Its All About People – We understand that business is between people, and we conduct all aspects of our business through a sense of respect and appreciation of individuals. We are attentive to people’s needs and take pride in the significant contributions that come from the diversity of individuals and ideas.


Teamwork – We recognize that teamwork, cooperation and cohesiveness are essential for maximizing our performance throughout all organizational processes.