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Thousands of installed systems

Proven technology and systems deployed in over 50 countries, and across
variety of applications

Next generation parking experience meeting the challenge of ROI with LPR, citation, enforcement, inventory, valet and tracking

Detect, Classify, Identify vehicles for safe city, border crossings, critical assets, and law enforcement applications

Cutting-edge solutions driven by automated U.S. DOT Number Reading for Truck Identification, Pre-Screening, Inspection, Enforcement, and Revenue Collection


HTS sets the standard as a world leader in image processing based solutions, delivering value added vehicle data for revenue control, automation and security applications.

Driven by ever-increasing needs for automation and security, our products serve as core technology enablers for the automation of parking revenue and control systems, traffic management, security, access control and other logistics systems. We provide customers with the ability to monitor and control their operations, improve productivity and enhance security by providing real-time data solutions, with a measurable and sustainable return on investment.

Reference Sites

HTS has proven technology and systems deployed in over 40 countries, and

across a variety of applications

Selected Projects

Vegas Hotels parking

Vegas Hotels parking

Since 2016 most Las Vegas hotels started to charge for parking in their properties. HTS LPR systems were deployed in many of the hotels.

Loyd Park Dallas

Loyd Park Dallas

Loyd Park in Dallas TX – Using LPR in a Fast Lane for pre-registered campers.

This solution enhanced customer loyalty, safety and security for all visitors, and better customer service for those loyal clients

Mobile system in Penrose Hospital

Mobile system in Penrose Hospital

Penrose Hospital – Uses SeeMobile to identify employees that are parked in patient’s parking areas.

Due to increased population in the town, the hospital acquired remote parking lots for staff.

Staff are not allowed to park in the parking lots and streets around the hospital.

HTS alerts the parking management on staff vehicles that are parked in visitor areas.


SchoolPass in Texas

SchoolPass in Texas

Uses LPR technology to identify the children’s parents by their pre-registered vehicles, used for pickup authorization.