Cloud Based LPR

Cloud-based License Plate & Vehicle Recognition System

HTS’s “SeeCloud” is an effective, cost-efficient and scale-able license plate recognition. It is offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SeeCloud’s cloud-based architecture means that there is no infrastructure to install or maintain – just supply the images and access the data – in real-time.

The architecture illustration shows a number of image sources – captured from various types of cameras – which can be uploaded to the cloud by registered users. The request message activates a recognition process, and the result is transmitted back at a short time.

SeeCloud Features and Benefits
• Scale the system as needed using the SeeCloud pay-as-you-grow model
• No special, costly camera requirements; let HTS’s best-of-breed recognition techniques do the work.
• No costly infrastructure worries; just send images and access the data
• Benefit from our in-the-cloud server upgrades, you’ll never have to upgrade
• Competitively-priced SaaS

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