HTS has proven technology and
systems deployed in over 40 countries,
and across a variety of applications

References Sites

US Mexican Border

DoT Readers on the Arizona Mexican border

Sydney, Australia

LPR driven ticketless parking at Lane Cove Mall

Oberrhein, Germany

LPR enabled automatic access control at the entrance and exit to a campsite


Israel, Carmel Tunnels

LPR hi speed systems for billing applications in open road tolling



Boston, Logan Airport

LPR for increased throughput and efficiency at pre-flight applications



Illinois, Jolliet

Access control for City facilities



Mexico, Guadalajara

Guadalajara University parking and access control

Tel Aviv, Israel

City Wide Municipal Parking

LPR driven revenue control in over 60 municipal parking lots

Vancouver, Sutton Place Hotel

LPR for automated guest parking and management

Santiago, Chile

LPR for vehicle anti-theft application at shopping mall

New York, Brookhaven National Labs

LPR driven access control

Baja Mexico

Secure border crossing at Baja Mexico