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SeeControl Management

HTS SeeControl VRS

Intelligent Vehicle Management Platform

SeeControl is a comprehensive vehicle recognition software solution, transforming vehicle and license plate data into valuable information for quick, effective decision-making, be it for law enforcement, security, logistic, revenue or operational purposes. The system helps organizations of all kinds manage, monitor and respond to vehicle-driven activities, provide efficiencies for day-to-day operations and strategically plan through real-time vehicle identification and assessment as well as retrospective forensic analysis.


The SeeControl management suite provides robust activity reporting, and commands a powerful event and alarm engine for instantaneous exception notification. The system installs, configures and administers HTS Vehicle Recognition Imaging Units and monitors device health.


SeeControl identifies, analyzes and reports on vehicle data captured and tracked by HTS imaging units. The heart of the SeeControl solution is its proprietary intelligence engine, which powers functionality with distinct user advantages—instantly recognizing targeted vehicles of interest and drawing essential insights by analyzing license plate data, vehicle characteristics, movement, time and location

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