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VIR (Vehicle Identity Recognition)

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Next Generation Vehicle Intelligence


The HTS VIR Suite enables essential vehicle decision-making by extracting valuable vehicle intelligence, such as car make, from comprehensive HTS detection, classification, and identification analysis technologies.   Powerful synergy with HTS products,   an application suite developed exclusively for the HTS license plate recognition  system, VIR provides robust actionable vehicle knowledge and critical insights for safe city, law enforcement, access control and marketing applications. The VIR image-processing system leverages a sophisticated vehicle profile and proven logic algorithms with accuracy and speed that only the patented HTS technology can provide. VIR findings automatically trigger real-time decision-making tasks (such as generating instant alerts or transmitting vehicle entry authorization) and are reported for further human evaluation (such as vehicle investigation).


This patent pending technology incorporates video analytics, advanced image processing and computer vision capabilities. Working together with the company’s LPR systems, the VIR suite makes comparisons between vehicle parameters, providing a more complete picture with great accuracy