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SeeContainer Container Code Recognition (CCR) Product line consists of recognition systems and software that tracks, reads and checks Shipping Container identification markings.

The SeeContainer product line configurations are:

SeeGate : Stand alone system, which recognizes the Container(s) ID, the truck plate and optionally the Wagon/Chassis numbers. In this configuration (as in the above photo) the system interfaces to the cameras and sensors, processes the information and outputs the results via Windows DDE messages to other Windows applications, log file or network. About 100 such systems are in operation in USA.

    A second generation system, SeeGate2, is now deployed in several terminals in Europe. This system has a compact footprint, color imagery for container recognition, additional top views, damage inspection and IMO label recognition.

SeeCrane : Crane identification system; automatically reads and records the container ISO code number as it is handled by a crane. Dozens of such systems are in operation in terminals.

SeeTrain: Container recognition system on single rail tracks, for Terminal portals, and slow/medium speed trains. The system reads container codes on single or double stack levels, and also reads railcar RFID tags. SeeTrain systems are operating in several terminals.

SeeRail: Containers on multiple track double-stacked fast speed train, for intermodal installations.

Order for World's largest port recognition project was successfully supplied in 2002 to a Container Terminal operator in California, USA. The project includes 56 SeeGate systems which perform Truck, Container and Chassis Identification. This installation followed an installation and order for 29 Portal and Pedestal recognition systems received from another Terminal operator Company (some of the lanes shown above), and 10 SeeCrane systems.

   Additionally, new orders are now being installed in 7 additional terminals - with over 250 Portal and Pedestal SeeGate systems, 49 SeeCrane systems and several SeeTrain systems.

This total number of recognition systems makes Hi-Tech Solutions a Worldwide leader in the number of installed systems, as well as proven quality and experience.

   The second generation, SeeGate2, are installed since Oct 2005 in several terminals in Europe.

Visit out Photo Gallery and view a sample of our installations.

The SeeContainer products integration and hierarchy is shown in the following illustration. It consists of four levels in bottom up order: hardware (specialized cameras and illumination units, sensors and more), libraries (Windows or Linux), applications (e.g., SeeGate) and database/networking (SeeData). The blocks in each level are products or components that we offer. The top fifth level is a set of possible customer applications and systems that can utilize the building blocks offered by the product line.

Most applications are customer specific and need some level of adaptation. We supply full tools and components to simplify the adaptation to the site-specific requirements.

  We also offer a set of Networking and Maintenance Utilities that provide additional tools for building applications, maintaining and operating them.




SeeGate2 - installed and integrated with container radiation portal systems, for U.S. Customs, Port of Algeciras in Spain (Posted: July 2006). See also a clip of the installation.


Hi-Tech Solutions Awarded U.S Govít OCR Orders, integrated with container radiation portal systems. See press release for more information. (Posted: May 2006)


SeeGate2 - second generation, state-of-the-art portal systems are ordered by 6 container terminals in Europe and Middle East.  (posted: July 2005).  See also newsletter and photo on the right.


SeeRail - order for hi-speed multi-track intermodal rail systems, part of a non-invasive cargo container recognition and tracking system (posted: June 2004). See image on right.


SeeTrain - new system: reads containers on trains in terminal gates (posted: Jan 2004). See image on right.


SeeCrane - 49 (!) crane-mounted container recognition systems ordered in 7 USA terminals  (posted: Aug 2003).


SeeGate - Over 250 (!) SeeGate portal and pedestal container recognition systems ordered   (posted: Aug 2003).


See also related video clips and press reports on the SeeContainer projects.




SeeContainer Product line Overview:                       

 Datasheet , Photo Gallery, Power Point presentation

SeeGate Recognition system

Datasheet -or- Technical manual -or- Web Page


 Spanish Technical manual.

SeeCrane system:

Datasheet -or-  Web Page


SeeTrain/SeeRail systems:

Web Page

Networking and Maintenance utilities that support the product line (SeeMonitor, SeeService, SeeCleaner, SeeData, SeeCal).  

Web Page


These utility programs are also offered in the "Smart Service Suite" option for the SeeContainer product line:  


 SmartService datasheet























SeeGate Container recognition in Pier 400 (USA)



SeeCrane installation in Trapac (USA)



SeeGate Container recognition in Pier 400 (USA)



SeeGate Container recognition in Trapac (USA)



SeeTrain Container recognition on double-stacked single-track rail  (USA)


SeeRail, a multi-track hi-speed intermodal  container recognition system (USA)



SeeGate2, a  second generation portal system (Rotterdam)




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